Relax, Remove, Replinish, Heal.

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Integrative Health Care Philosophy

To be considered truly 'wholistic,' we find more success in having the ability to integrate as many modalities of treatment that may be useful to truly create personalized care. No two people will identify with the same pillars of healing, though there are a few therapies everyone can benefit from.

"Here at SoCal Natural Health, I believe in leaving out absolutes or improbabilities. This allows for an atmosphere of hope, revelation, compassion, and  breakthrough! Not only do I believe you, I believe in you! And I know how to help you! -Ashley Rogers

It is our pleasure to work with the body in its intended state- a complete interdependent system. This means when working with specific conditions such as autoimmune, thyroid/hormone imbalance, weight conditions, migraines, mental wellness, chronic fatigue, etc, we have a better insight of root cause and can properly identify symptoms, causations, and patterns. Then, with the utilization of herbs, food as medicine, lifestyle, sleep improvement, red light therapy, lymphatic drainage, and more, we can start your journey to health empowerment and freedom. 

- Lao Tzu 


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